PinoTV introduces 2.0 television to Poland

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    Pino Group had just launched the first 2.0 television platform on the Polish market, providing users with a chance to produce and broadcast their own TV channels.

    Pino Group, a part of Internet Group SA (www.igroup.pl), is one of the leading Internet service providers in Poland, offering social portals, new technology and gossip websites, as well as new web domains. The newest version of the PinoTV (www.pinotv.pl) website introduces the first Polish 2.0 television platform, inspired by the world wide Web 2.0 trend.

    Services provided by Pino Group are currently used by over 7.5 million users a month, 6,000 of whom visit the PinoTV website daily.

    "It is hard to estimate the ratings growth, but I think we can count on a pleasant surprise on the web portal and even local television market. PinoTV is definitely a strong competitor for the public and private broadcasters, who have strict and closed program frameworks, while we are open to the freedom for all who want to create television," Karol Wnukiewicz, the Technical Service Director from Pino Group told FNE.

    The main PinoTV channel is based on selected productions sent by the users, who may get the chance to present their talents not only on the Internet. "We are currently negotiating with the private cable companies in order to put PinoTV in the offer of the most popular operators by the end of this year. One of our priorities right now is to get the biggest number of user 'directors,' which means focusing on providing them with the best internet television technology and image transmission, especially while we offer our services in HDTV," Wnukiewicz adds.

    PinoTV already has a license to broadcast via satellite, which will allow the new broadcaster to appear on Polish TV sets in the near future.