Endomol Polska commissioned to produce Dutch hit

By FNE Staff
    Endemol Polska has been commissioned to produce a local Polish version of the Dutch TV hit series Roses and Vodka Lime for Polish commercial channel TVN.

    According to Endemol, the local version, titled Klub Szalonych Dziewic, is the first Polish drama commission for Endemol (www.endemol.com). The series is centered on the friendship of four women living in a large city.

    Ryszard Sibilski, Managing Director of Endemol Polska (www.endemol.pl), said in a statement, "This is a superb drama that has everything going for it - wonderful characters and a compelling narrative that will appeal to a wide audience. It's already been a big hit in Holland and I have no doubt that Polish viewers will love it just as much."

    TVN (www.tvn.pl), part of ITI Media Group (www.itiholdings.com), is a leading commercial channel in Poland. Endemol was lauched in Poland as Endemol-Neovision, a joint venture with ITI group. It became a wholly-owned Endemol company in early 2006.