FNE at KVIFF 2009: Poland with Seven Films at KVIFF

    KARLOVY VARY: After the successful cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic with the Polish backed Brothers Karamazov directed by the Czech Republic's Petr Zelenka the Czechs have definitely decided it is time to remember their Polish neighbours.

    Karlovy Vary has invited seven Polish films - nine including coproductions - to screen in various programmes during the festival. The controversial Lars von Triers Cannes competitor Antichrist, which had backing from the Polish Film Institute is a Polish coproduction..

    The Polish Film Institute (PISF) has made strategic investments in a number of high profile European auteur projects over the past five years yielding benefits for the country's film industry by raising the country's profile and credibility as a serious player and respected partner in the European film production industry. The strategy has made Poland a full member of the European film industry "club."

    Poland's own auteurs will also be well represented in the KVIFF programme with Andrezj Wajda's Berlin competition entry Sweet Rush, Robert Glinski's Piggies and Juilusz Machulski's How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh.

    Polish action is expected to peak around the middle of this week with a large contingent of Polish helmers all arriving in the Czech spa town.

    Polish films screening in Karlovy Vary:

    Contact High directed by Michael Glawogger: Official Selection Out of Competition

    Produced by Boje Buck Film (www.bojebuck.de), Ozumi Films (www.ozuimfilms.com), Iris Productions (www.irisproductions.lu)

    7 July at 22:00

    8 July at 16:30

    Till It Hurts directed by Marcin Koszalka: Documentary Competition

    Produced by TVP Polish Public Television (www.international.tvp.pl)

    6 July at 15:30

    7 July at 19:00

    How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh? Directed by Juilusz Machulski: 20 Years of Freedom Programme

    Produced by Zebra Film Studios (www.zebrafilm.pl), Coproduced by Monolith Films (www.monolith.pl)

    8 July at 14:00

    9 July at 16:30

    Operation Danube directed by Jacek Glomb: Official Selection Out of Competition

    Produced by Documentary and Feature Film Studio WFDiF (www.wfdif.com.pl)

    Corpoduced by In Film Praha (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Odra-Film (www.odra-film.wroc.pl)

    10 July at 22:00

    Scratch directed by Michal Rosa: East of the West Competition

    Produced by Filmcontract Ltd (www.flimcontract.pl), TVP(www.international.tvp.pl), WFDIF Documentary and Feature Film Studio (www.wfdif.com.pl)

    Backed by PISF

    9 July at 17:00

    10 July at 19:30

    Piggies directed by Robert Glinski: Official Competition

    Produced by Widark Film and Television Production Ltd (www.widark.com)

    Coproduced by 42film Gmbh (www.42film.de)

    7 July at 17:00

    8 July at 10:00

    Sweet Rush directed by Andrzej Wajda: Horizons Programme

    Produced by Akson Studio (www.aksonstudio.pl)

    Coproducer: TVP (www.international.tvp.pl)

    4 July at 16:30

    7 July at 10:30

    11 July at 19:30

    Snow White and Russian Red directed by Zawery Zulawski: Forum of Independents Programme

    Produced by Film Media (www.filmmedia.com.pl)

    9 July at 21:30

    10 July at 16:00

    Antichrist directed by Lars von Trier:Open Eyes Programme

    Produced by Zentropa