Second edition of ScripTeast begins next week


    The second edition of ScripTeast, an innovative training program for budding scriptwriters designed to help promote their work in the international film market, will be held next week at the Ossoliński Palace in the Polish town of Sterdyń.

    Scripteast (www.scripteast.pl) will start with a week of individual meetings of authors of 12 scripts with a group of advisors, from Oct. 8-14.

    This year’s advisors’ group includes Peter Webber, director of The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Cedomir Kolar, producer of No Man’s Land by Danis Tanovic, Marek Rozenbaum, producer of Palme d’Or nominee Tehelim, and Monte Hellman, executive producer of Reservoir Dogs

    Once the consultation stage has finished, participants will rewrite their scripts, continuing work during stays at the Berlin and Cannes film festivals in 2008. The winning script will be chosen at Cannes and will be awarded a cash prize. The 2007 prize of €10,000 went to Zuzana Liova for her Slovak script The House.

    ScripTeast grew out of experience gained by its organizers from cooperation with Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute. It is organized by the Independent Film Foundation with support from the European Community Media Plus Program, the Polish Film Institute, Polish Television TVP and Apple Film Production, in cooperation with the European Film Academy, ACE, and Producers Network as well as the Berlin, Cannes and Karlovy Vary film festivals.