Katyn to get international premiere in Berlin


    Andrzej Wajda's latest film, Katyń, a highly personal view of the massacre of 20,000 Polish officers in the Soviet Union during World War II, is set to premiere at the 58th International Film Festival in Berlin.

    Wajda, whose father was among the victims, will attend the screening in February at the Berlinepalast festival hall, but he did not enter the film in the Berlinale competition. The film was co-produced by the Polish Film Institute, which is also in charge of promoting it abroad. At home it has already attracted more than 2.7 million viewers.

    Katyń has already been submitted for nomination for a Golden Globe award and is Poland's choice for a nomination for best foreign film at the Academy Awards in February.

    Meanwhile, two of the nine entries in the European Shooting Stars event are from the new EU states: Anamaria Marinca from Romania, appearing in 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, and Zsolt Nagy from Hungary, appearing in Nosedive.