FESTIVALS: Kameralne Lato expands Polish workshop

By FNE Staff
    The 3rd All-Poland Film Meeting KAMERALNE LATO - RADOM 2010 festival has announced a May 10 deadline for entries, this year expanding its workshop event to include student filmmakers.

    The KAMERALNE LATO Festival ( www.kameralnelato.pl) will take place on 28th June - 4th July 2010 in Radom. The Main Contest film shows will be held on 1st - 3rd July at the Powszechny theatre in Radom.

    The festival also offers workshops on film art and film production by means of a combination of theoretical and practical classes, capped by production of short film forms. The workshops consist of a cycle of open lectures by the representatives of film and television industries combined with practical exercises in the essentials of film direction, screenplay text preparation, lighting direction, space arrangement in film, as well as acting, film editing and postproduction.

    The festival presents not only awards and prizes, but also an opportunity to win a nomination to the prestigious Jan Machulski Polish Independent Film Prize, awarded annually to the most talented creators and the best independent films made in Poland. Films completed after Jan 1, 2008, are eligible.

    Contact Information:

    Stowarzyszenie "FILMFORUM"

    ul. Ratuszowa 11 - bud. 5, lok. 418

    03-450 Warszawa


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