Cannes IFF 2010: Polish Cinema Events and Screenings

    Polish Cinema in Cannes 2010

    Address: Polish Cinema in Cannes

    Appartment 3, 4th Floor

    23 Rue Mace/ 22 La Croisette

    Polish Films in Screening in Cannes

    Matka Teresa od kotow/ Mother Teresa of Cats

    Directed by: Pawel Sala, Poland 2010, 96', Drama

    Cash: Ewa Skibinska, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Mateusz Kosciukiewcz, Filip Garbacz

    Selected for the Main Competition in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010

    A story inspired by real events. Two brothers brutally murder their cat-loving mother. This heinous crime serves as a pretext for pondering on the condition of the family in Poland. How is it possible that an average and seemingly normal family can suddenly be deprived of their chance for a normal life.

    Screening: 12 May, Palais C, 16:00

    Milczenie jest zlotem/ Silence is Golden

    Directed by: Ewa Pytka, Poland, 2010, 96', Romantic Comedy

    Cast: Aneta Todorczuk-Perchuc, Jan Wieczorkowski, Bartek Kasprzykowski

    Selected for the Polish Film Festival in Gydnia 2010

    Inge, a dubbing actress, dreams of a singing career. But her lack of self-confidence and constant misfortune (a cheating partner, a constantly disapproving boss) don't do much to improve her self image. One day a handsome stranger on the street gives her a bouquet of flowers and a kiss. Inge is os surprised that se loses her voice...A romantic comedy about a girl who tries to find herself in silence and work up the courage to love again.

    Screening: 16 May. Palais C, 20:30

    Rozyczka/ Little Rose

    Directed by Jan Kidwa-Blonski, Poland, 2010, 118', Drama

    Cast: Andrzej Seweryn, Magdalena Boczarska, Robert Weickiewcz

    Selected for the Main Competition in the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2010

    A film inspired by the true story. Poland, 1968. The year of student protests and anti-Semitic campaigns. A well-known writer and dissident marries a beautiful younger woman. He has no idea that his wife has long been seeing another man, with whom she shares not only a great passion, but also a dangerous intrigue....

    Screening: 19 May, Palais F, 17:30

    Wszystko co kocham/ All that I Love

    Directed by: Jacek Borcuch, Poland, 2009, 96', Drama, Coming of Age

    Cast: Matuesz Kosciukiewcz, Olga Frycz, Jakub Gierszal

    Selected for: Sundance IFF 2010, Rotterdam IFF 2010, Dublin IFF 2010, Istanbul IFF 2010, Minneapolis/ St Paul IFF 2010, Seattle IFF 2010, Brussels IFF 2010

    Spring of 1981. A wave of strikes sweeps through Poland, Communist authorities are trying to find ways of destroying the "Solidarity" movement....Four 18-year-old kids in a seaside town form a punk rock band. Their leader Janek is the son of a prominent navy officer. December 13, 1981. Martial law is imposed in Poland and politics take of the boys' previously carefree life...

    Screening: 17 May Palais C, 12:00

    Zbrodnia Katynska/ The Katyn Massacre

    Directed by: Maciej Sienski, Poland, 1991, 41', Historical Documentary

    In 1940 in the forests near Katyn, the NKVD, acting on Stalin's orders, executed Polish army officers held captive at camp Kozielsk. Soviet authorities accused the Nazis of this crime; this was the official version of the story that lasted until the end of communism in Poland as well. The Polish communist government did everything to ensure that the word "Katyn" is erased from the national memory. Maciej Sienski's documentary shows not only the massacre itself, but also the historical context in which it happened. He shares with the audience the truth about the feelings of political abandonment of the Polish officers.

    Screening 20 May, Palais E, 12:00

    Short Film Corner

    B - 1033

    By Pawel Krzyszak (5 min)

    Brzydkie slowa/ Bad Words

    By Marcin Maziarzewski (23 min)

    Ciemnego pokju nie trzba sie bac/

    Don't Be Afraid of a Dark Room

    By Kuba Czekaj (35 min)

    Hanoi-Warszwa/ Hanoi-Warsaw

    By Katarzyna Klimkiewcz (30 min)

    Lunatycy/ Sleep-Walkers

    By Maciej Sterlo-Orlicki (30 min)


    By Bartek Kulas (7 min)

    Nowa/ Newbie

    By Tomasz Olejarczyk (19 min)

    Pod wiatr nie poplynie slodki zapach kwiatow/

    The Scent of Flowers Does Not Blow Against the Wind

    By Leszek Korusiewicz (17 min)

    Przyjdz do mnie/ Come to Me

    By Ewa Banaszkiewicz (30 min)


    By Rafal Samusik (23 min)

    Street Feeling

    By Christoffer Karlsson Rus (19 min)

    Wylacznosc/ An Exclusive

    By Kraysztof Szot (14 min)


    Saturday 15 May 12:00

    Coproducing with Poland seminar: financing, services

    Market lunch to follow

    Sunday 16 May 12:30

    Munk Studios Presentation: Opportunities for young filmmakers

    Lunch to follow

    Monday 17 May 12:30

    Producers' Day, Polish National Cinema Stand partners presentation:

    Lunch to follow


    Polish Film Institute, Polish Filmmakers Association

    Parnters: Breakthru Films, Chimney Pot, Frederico Film, Filmmedia, Kadr Film Studio, Munk Studio, Opus Film, Python Studioss, Regional Film Fund Krakow, SPI International Polska, Syrena Films, Warsaw Film Festival