Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition spotlight: Erratum

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    In his feature film debut Erratum, Marek Lechki explores the issues of reliving ones past and changing the present.

    {mosimage} Michał, age 34, is leading a prosperous, well-rounded life with his wife and son, a nice apartment, and a job in a big accounting office. The film starts when he is organizing his son's first communion. Michał would like to take a couple of days off, but his boss asks him to go to Michał's home town to collect a car imported from USA. He obediently fulfills the order, but a delay keeps him in the little town a couple of days longer. He meets people who were once close to him and stumbles upon familiar places, drawn to past feelings he had forgotten but tries to fight.

    {mosimage} The movie is directed, written and produced by Marek Lechki (1975), considered to be one of the most promising directors of the young generation. Lechki was already gaining recognition while a student at the Film and Television Directing program at the University of Silesia with his film My Town, a part of the Generation 2000 project. The 60 minute drama received several awards including the Best Script and Special Jury's Award during the 2002 Gdynia PFF (www.fpff.pl), the Best Feature Film Award during the 2003 Cracow Film Festival (www.kff.com.pl) and the Super Jantar Award for the best debut of the decade at the "Youth and Film" Film Debut Festival in Koszalin (www.mlodziifilm.pl).

    Erratum brings together an experienced cast with popular young Polish actor Tomasz Kot in the leading role.

    {mosimage} The film is produced by the director's own company, Harmony Film Production, in co-operation with Heliograf (www.heliograf.pl) and Voiceland (www.voiceland.com.pl). The total budget of the production is 1.4 million PLN with 1 million PLN financing from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl). The shoot for Erratum took place in summer 2009 in Wrocław and at Mietkowski Bay.

    "The film will be finished right before it's presentation at the PFP in Gdynia. After this screening we are planning to enter Erratum in some international film festivals," Lechki told FNE.

    Director - Marek Lechki

    Screenwriter - Marek Lechki

    Cinematographer - Przemysław Kamiński

    Production manager - Agnieszka Papiewska

    Set design - Barabara KomisińskaMusic - Bartek Straburzyński

    Producer - Marek Lechki

    Production company - Harmony Film Production

    Co-producers - Heligraf SP. Z O.O., Voiceland SP. Z O.O.

    Co-financing - Polish Film Institute

    Tomasz Kot, Ryszard Kotys, Tomasz Radawiec, Janusz Michałowski, Karina Kunkiewicz, Jerzy Rogalski

    Production contact:


    USKORZ MAŁY 6A, 56-100 WOŁÓW

    TEL. +48 504 691 491

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.