FNE at Gdynia FF 2010: Polish Film Institute Awards Film Boosters

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    The Polish Film Institute held a celebratory gala in the Polish seaside resort of Sopot last night (26 May) to recognize the achievements of film professionals in promoting and developing Polish cinema.

    It was the third annual edition of the awards and the first time that it was held during the Gdynia Polish Film Festival. PFI's (www.pisf.pl) Director Agnieszka Odorowicz explained the purpose of the awards. "Our gala is a bow to the people, without whom our films wouldn't be available to the audience. Today we want to acknowledge those, whose faces are sometimes unknown. People, who thanks to their passion, engagement and experience are doing a great job for Polish cinema. People, without whom film would not be able to accomplish the biggest task of film art, which is reaching the viewer."

    The awards ceremony hosted by a popular Polish actress Anna Dereszowska. The director and screenwriter of the gala Krzysztof Materna gave it a suprising format with the presenter visible only on a film screen and each of 12 categories was presented in a form of short series of films.

    The jury consisted of film professionals and critics including Jacek Bromski, the Chairman of the Polish Filmmakers Association(www.sfp.org.pl), Janusz Nowak the head of the Cracow Film Fund (www.film-commision.pl), Grażyna Torbicka, a film journalist and the host of "Kocham Kino", Edward Miszczak Program Director of TVN (www.tvn.pl) and Artur Liebhart the head of the Planete Doc Review Festival (www.docreview.pl).

    The winners received statutes designed by Piotr Michnikowski and 10 000 PLN each. The gala was organized with the support of the City of Sopot and its President Jsck Karnowski.

    The full list of winners:

    1. Entity managing a cinema:

    Cinema "Pod Branami" in Cracow (www.kinopodbaranami.pl)

    2. International film event:

    9th Era New Horizons International Film Festival (www.enh.pl)

    3. National film event:

    28th "Youth and Film" Film Debut Festival in Koszalin (www.mlodziifilm.pl)

    4.Film promotion abroad

    The Łódź Cinematography Museum for exibitions "Roman Polański. Actor. Director." and "!00 years of Polish Film" (www.kinomuzeum.pl)

    5.Polish film distribution:

    Kino Polska Television Publishing Company (www.wydawnictwokinopolska.pl)

    6.Film critique:

    Michał Chaciński for his appearances in Studio TVP Kultura

    7. Radio or television broadcast:

    "Trójkowo filmowo" by Ryszard Jaźwinski for the 3rd Program of Polish Radio (www.polskieradio.pl)

    8.Internet portal:

    Bazafilmowa.pl (data base of the Polish Filmmakers Association ) and Filmpolski.pl ( data base of Łódź Film School)

    9.Book about film:

    "Ach! Plakat filmowy w Polsce" (Oh! Film poster in Poland) by Dorora Folga-Januszewska, "Bosz" Publishing Company (www.bosz.com.pl)

    10. Education of the young viewer:

    Book "Kino bez tajemnic" ( Cinema without secrets) edited by prof. Ewelina Nurczyńska-Fidelska

    11. Discussion Film Club:

    DKF Mikro-Odeon in Cracow (www.szczytkultury.pl)

    12. Digital reconstruction of Polish cinematography works:

    Grzegorz Molewski for pioneer work in the field of digital reconstruction of Polish films