PRODUCTION: Pre-war Warsaw reconstructed in 3D


    WARSAW: The production stage has just ended for the first part of the Warsaw 1935 trilogy, an ambitious project of 3D reconstruction of the Polish capital.

    The project was conceived and produced by Newborn (www.newborn.pl ), a Polish 2D/3D animation and VFX studio based at the city's Praga district. The creator of Warsaw 1935 (www.warszawa1935.pl ), Tomasz Gomoła, has been working on rebuilding the image of the city using advanced 3D technology since 2007. The production took off two years ago and employs 3D on a scale never before seen in a Polish production of this type, including intensive historical research to re-create the look of a city destroyed during WWII.

    The trilogy is all set during one summer day in 1935. Each part will show areas of the city that were beautiful before the war and suffered the most in 1939. The first part takes place in the City Center, with a focus on the representative Marszałkowska street. The second reconstructs the Saxon Garden and Warsaw's Old Town. The last part will show the original form of areas later used to create the Warsaw ghetto.

    No production of this type has even been produced on such a scale in Poland. The budget has not yet been announced. Reference materials were extensive with special input from the creators of the www.warszawa39.pl website, which is devoted to documenting the image of the prewar capital. The premiere and release are planned for fall. The second and third parts are expected to premiere in 2011.

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