David Lynch to build Film Studio in Lodz

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    The long-awaited creation of a film studio by David Lynch is finally moving forward as part of the EC1-Lodz City of Culture project in Poland.

    On May 15 the bill introducing this major film investment goes into effect, with the start of construction that is expected to last till the end of 2009.

    The venture is located around an old industrial factory, EC1. Plans for the property include a series of investments designed to turn Lodz into a European film center. Along with Lynch's film studio, the plans also involve the construction of an audio-video gallery, a visual library, and a planetarium, as well as a screening center that will become a new seat of the Camerimage Festival (www.pluscamerimage.pl). The film studio will have a state of the art soundstage, a hall for symphonic recording, and post-production facilities. The bill passed by the Lodz Town Council (www.uml.lodz.pl) states that the city will give PLN6.5 million (€1.2 million) for this project in the first year and €700,000 in the second year.

    Lynch cooperated with Polish filmmakers during the production of Inland Empire, earning a local reputation for his admiration and empathy for his Polish colleagues. The idea for the Lodz film studio was a joint effort by Lynch, Marek Zydowicz, director of the Polish festival Camerimage, and Andrzej Walczak, the owner of Atlas Group construction firm (www.atlas.com.pl).