New TV Launches in Romania Fill the Gap of Closing Stations

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST:: At least five new Romanian TV channels launching in 2011 will fill the void left by the closure of three channels. The latest addition isMezzo Live HD (www.mezzo.tv) which launched in Romania earlier this month on Romtelecom's Dolce platform (http://www.romtelecom.ro/en/business-solutions/tv/dolce/ ).

    Several Romanian channels were launched in the last six months. Digi Sport 3 (www.digisport.ro ), controlled by the communication company RCS & RDS (www.rcs-rds.ro ), started airing in June, while Zeus TV (www.zeustv.ro ) started airing on UPC (www.upc.ro ) in May. The generalist channel Giga TV received a licence, as well as another local channel, TV Giurgiu, in May. The tourism channel Travel Mix (www.travelmix.ro ) was launched in March.

    On the other hand, Televiziunea Ta channel, launched with the ambition to open more than 200 local stations, lost the licence it received last October due to the fact that it stopped airing for more than 90 days. The National Audiovisual Council of Romania (www.cna.ro ) also withdrew the licence from the sport channel Telesport (www.telesport.ro ) and the news channel Vox News on May 5. Vox News (launched in 2009) and Telesport (launched in 2003) were the first Romanian news and sport channels closing.