UPC Romania to be Auctioned

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Due to the failed negotiations with potential buyer RCS&RDS (www.rcs-rds.ro), the communication company UPC (www.upc.ro) will be finally put on public auction, according to HotNews.ro quoting anonymous sources from the telecom market.

    If RCS&RDS had bought UPC, it would have become market leader, gaining over 1.1 million clients from the cable and TV satelite.

    UPC Romania had 1,562 employers in 2010. It also had a turnover of 112 million euro in 2010, a drop of 3.49% from its 2009 results. RCS&RDS had a turnover of 418 million euro in 2010, a gain of 6.8% over 2009 results.