PRODUCTION: Wolf in Production

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Bogdan Mustaţă, who won the Golden Bear for best short film in 2008,started shooting his first feature, Lupu/Wolf in Bucharest on 26 September 2011. Shooting will wrap on 12 November.

    Wolf, a 16-year-old loner who lives with his mother, secretly yearns for a meaningful connection with the others. Both of them still miss Wolf's father who died when Wolf was very young. One day, suddenly, his mother has a strange stomach ache and gives birth to his father.

    "What I like at this project is how Bogdan uses a very visual and free method in order to show the interior journey of a character, a journey he himself once experimented with," producer Marcian Lazăr told FNE.

    This surreal film is produced Romania's Strada Film (www.stradafilm.ro) and Marcian Lazăr in co-production with the German Neue Road Films (www.neueroadmovies.com) and Gian-Piero Ringel. The budget is 1 million Euro, Lazăr confirmed to FNE. The project received a production grant from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in 2010, and also 30,000 Euro and the Eurimages Award at Cinelink (www.sff.ba/en/cinelink) at Sarajevo FF in July 2010. It is also supported by the MEDIA program (http://ec.europa.eu) in a slate with two other projects of Strada Film.

    The project was selected to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab in 2010, and also participated at the Torino Film Lab Development Program in 2010. Mustaţă received a Nipkow fellowship (www.nipkow.de) to develop the project in Berlin for four months. The project was also selected for the pitching session at Connecting Cottbus (www.connecting-cottbus.de) 2009.

    Mustaţă wrote the script. Barbu Bălăşoiu is the DOP, and the cast includes Mihai Vasilescu, Ada Condeescu, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Costel Caşcaval, Carmen Ungureanu, Camelia Zorlescu, Alexandru Potocean and Dimitrii Bogomaz.

    Wolf will be distributed in Germany by NFP Distribution (www.nfp.de) and in Romania by Metropolis Film (www.metropolisfilm.ro). The producers are still negotiating with the sales agents. The premiere is set for 2012.


    Production info

    Strada Film

    41 Dr. Staicovici Street, Sector 5

    055556, Bucharest, Romania

    Phone/Fax: +40-21-411.80.99


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    Neue Road Movies GmbH

    Münzstr. 15

    D-10178 Berlin, Germany

    Phone: +49 30 8145293 50

    Fax: +49 30 8145293 75


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    Director: Bogdan Mustaţă

    Script: Bogdan Mustaţă

    DOP: Barbu Bălăşoiu

    Cast: Mihai Vasilescu

    Ada Condeescu

    Sergiu Nicolaescu

    Costel Caşcaval

    Carmen Ungureanu

    Camelia Zorlescu

    Alexandru Potocean

    Dimitrii Bogomaz