PRODUCTION: Across the Mountain in Development

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Ileana Stănculescu, whose first documentary The Bridge/Podul peste Tisa won First Appereance Award at IDFA in 2004, is developing Across the Mountain, a creative documentary about the friendship between a group of imigrants on their way to Germany but accidentally trapped in the small Romanian town of Şomcuţa Mare (Maramureş district) and the local people.

    Eventually, one of them becomes a shepherd, a beautiful girl from Ethiopia is the main attraction of the local café, and the third one starts to work as a farmer. Others even get married to local women who book their journey to Africa in order to meet their mothers-in-law.

    Aşteptarea/Across the Mountainis co-written and directed by Ileana Stănculescu, with the Georgian Artchil Khetagouri as co-screenwriter and DOP. Ileana Stănculescu is also producing it with her company ART-DOC (www.art-doc.ro). The budget is 104,069 Euro, she told FNE. The project received 10,000 USD from Open Society Documentaries and the Romanian Public Television (www.tvr.ro) this year, at the grant contest initiated by Soros Romania Foundation (www.soros.ro) in 2010. It also has 12,000 Euro from the MEDIA Programme (ec.europa.eu/culture/media/programme/overview/index_en.htm).

    There will be two versions of the film Stănculescu plans to start shooting in the summer of 2012 in the north of Romania: 75 minutes for festivals and 58 minutes for TV. The premiere is set for 2013.

    Production Information


    8 Macedonski street

    010591, Bucharest, Romania

    Mobile : +40 - 724.466.065


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    Director: Ileana Stănculescu

    Script: Ileana Stănculescu

    Artchil Khetagouri

    DOP: Artchil Khetagouri