PRODUCTION: 7 of Hearts in Development

By Iulia Blaga

    {mosimage} BUCHAREST: Sorin Marin, a businessman and the founder of Anonimul International Independent Film Festival (www.festival-anonimul.ro), is developing his first feature film, 7 of Hearts/7 de inimă roşie. Marin also wrote the script.

    The central character is a wealthy man who finds out that he needs a heart transplant. Scared of death, but unable to tell the truth to his mother and to his ex-lover, he will travels to the Danube Delta where he confronts his past and acknowledges the remains of his lonely and empty life.

    Alexandru Teodorescu and SAGA FILM (www.sagafilm.ro) are producing, with Anonimul Foundation (www.anonimul.ro) as a co-producer. The budget is 837,000 Euro. The project won a production grant of 6,896 Euro from the National Center for Cinema (www.cnccinema.abt.ro), but 55% of the budget is already secured, Mihaela Popescu from SAGA FILM told FNE.

    Principal photography will last five weeks, with 5 the shoot taking place in Bucharest and Sf. Gheorghe (Danube Delta) in August 2012. The film is scheduled to be finished and to premiere in summer/autumn 2013.

    Production Information:


    8, Dimitrie Racoviţă st.

    Bucharest, Romania

    Phone: +40 (0)21 317 33 60 / 61-63

    Fax: +40 (0)21 317 33 64


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director: Sorin Marin

    Script: Sorin Marin