Pro TV Launches Second Telenovela Channel

By FNE Staff

    BUCHAREST: Central European Media Enterprises (CME, www.cetv-net.com) will launch Acasa Gold, a telenovela channel, in Romania in April.

    CME's Romanian group, anchored by Pro TV, received a satelite licence from the National Audiovisual Council of Romania (www.cna.ro) in March 27.

    CME already operates Acasă TV (www.acasatv.ro), a channel focusing on telenovelas, in Romania. Acasă Gold will air new programs alongside older hits. Vanessa Cernea was appointed general manager. The target audience is women between 15-49 years old.

    CME aims to reach 55,000 Euro profit in 2012 from advertisement and cable fees, and 1.35 million Euro in 2016, according paginademedia.ro.

    CME produces tenelovelas in six countries. Costi Mocanu, the manager of Pro TV S.A., says that telenovelas from Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were already brought.