FNE at Transilvania IFF Romanian Days: Teodora Siner

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}CLUJ-NAPOCA: In the documentary Teodora Siner Christian Orthodox nuns in a Romanian monastery call each other "little mothers."

    They have renounced earthly trappings to wed the eternal. "God my sovereign, it is You I seek each and every morning. I hunger for You, and my body and soul tremble for You..." This is a film about the most beautiful among them and her marriage to God.

    Anca Hirte's 86 min documentary was produced by Richard Copans and Les Films d'Ici (www.lesfilmsdici.fr) together with Dan Burlac and Elefant Film, with a budget of 350,000 Euro. The project was supported by Yumi Productions, the French National Centre for Cinema (www.cnc.fr) and Zenith Media.

    Shooting started in 2007 and lasted for two years with Hirte also the DOP. Teodora Siner/ Păcătoasa Teodora has its first screening in Romania at ASTRA Film Festival 2011 where it was awarded ASTRA Film Prize in the Romanian competition. The film will be distributed in France by Shellac (www.shellac-altern.org) with a premiere expected soon.

    Production Information

    Les Films d'Ici

    62 boulevard Davout

    75020 Paris

    Phone : (+33) 1 44 52 23 23

    Fax : (+33) 1 44 52 23 24


    Elefant Film

    123 Calea Moşilor Street

    Sector 2, Bucureşti, Romania

    Contact - Dan Burlac: + 40 746 242635

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director : Anca Hirte

    DOP : Anca Hirte

    Sound : Bruno Auzet, Marius Mefterache

    Editing : Gilles Volta