PRODUCTION: American WER Wraps Shooting in Romania

By FNE Staff

    BUCHAREST: After the box-office success with The Devil Inside, William Brent Bell filmed a horror with werewolves at MediaPro Studios (www.mediaprostudios.com) in Bucharest.

    The four week shoot began on 30 April 2012.

    FilmDistrict (www.filmdistrict.com ), Sierra/Affinity (www.sierra-affinity.com ) and Incentive Filmed Entertainment are producing. William Brent Bell and Matthew Petterman wrote the script. Alejandro Martinez is the DOP. The cast includes A.J. Cook, Simon Quarterman, Brian J. O'Connor and Vik Sahay. Shooting took place in studios and on location in Bucharest. The premiere is set for 2013.

    In January, The Devil Inside, made with a budget under 1 million USD by the trio Morris Paulson, William Brent, Matt Peterman, and shot mostly in Romania at the end of 2009, was an unexpected success in the American charts. During its opening weekend, 6-8 January 2012, it pulled in $33,732,515 gross, compared with Mission: Impossible 4 at $19,868,059.

    Production information

    MediaPro Pictures

    1 Studioului Str, Buftea, Ilfov

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    Fax: +40. (0).318.251.196


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