FNE at TIFF: Romanian Days - Horses Are Green on the Walls

By FNE Staff

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: The central character of Horses Are Green on the Walls/Şi caii sunt verzi pe pereţi is a storekeeper who loses his job when the warehouse where he works is updated to enter the technology age.

    He signs up for an intensive computer course, and his life changes. His destiny becomes intertwined with an adolescent and a girl who is helping him search for his father. The film is a story about the illusion of becoming rich in Romania.

    Horses Are Green On The Walls/Şi caii sunt verzi pe pereţi was produced by Giuliano Doman and Family Film (www.familyfilm.ro ), together with Chişu and DaKINO Production, in co-production with Panalight Romania (www.panalight.ro ) which provided shooting equipment.

    The budget was 255,000 euro, Doman told FNE. The independent production was funded without a grant from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro ). Filming took place in September-October 2010. Ovidiu Gyarmath is the DOP. The main actors are Ionuţ Vişan, Anca Florescu, Adrian Titieni, Tudor Smoleanu and Nicodim Ungureanu.

    Asked why he got involved in this project, Doman told FNE, "I liked the story from the beginning. Everybody in Romania wants to get rich overnight, and I thought it will be nice to show it. I found that this project has a high potential for sales -- as a producer I can't miss this opportunity. It is true that CNC money helps a lot, but for me a real producer is the one that can do it out of nothing, and without waiting to waste public funds on all types of art house films that nobody understands."

    Chişu says that when you have an independent production, "The most difficult thing is to close the financing because in Romania, if you don't have a grant from the CNC, you can't find money at the television channels or advertisement agencies -- the traditional partners of film productions since they can deduct from their debt to the CNC. The product placement is also not available anymore, so that the last hope of financial support goes away. Then comes the ordeal of distribution and the recovery of the investment."

    The project participated in the work-in-progress section at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2011(www.kviff.com ).

    Production Information

    Family Film

    Sema Parc, 319 Splaiul Independentei

    6th district, 060044

    Bucharest, Romania

    Phone : +4021.310.47.37


    Fax : +4021.317.22.02


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    DaKINO Production

    no 30 Smârdan Street,2nd floor, 3rd district

    030076 Bucharest, Romania

    Phone/Fax: 0040 722 408140

    0040 754 532752

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    Dan Chişu mobile: +40722408140

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    Director: Dan Chişu

    Script: Dan Chişu

    DOP: Ovidiu Gyarmath

    Editor: Andrei Iancu

    Art director: Mihai Dorobanţu

    Costumes: Cireşica Litinschi

    Music: Paul Ilea

    Cast: Ionuţ Vişan

    Anca Florescu

    Adrian Titieni

    Tudor Smoleanu

    Nicodim Ungureanu

    Oxana Moravec

    Constantin Ghenescu

    Coca Bloos

    Oreste Scarlat Teodorescu