Parliament Rejects Romanian TV Annual Report

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: The Romanian Parlament (www.parlament.ro) rejected the 2011 annual report of Romanian public television (www.tvr.ro) for 2011 on 12 June 2012, following a veto vote by the two Commissions for Culture of the Parliament. The veto demands the dismissal of the president/general manager of RTV.

    Alexandru Lăzescu has been the president/general manager of the public television since June 2010.

    Radu Călin Cristea was designated to lead the institution ad-interim by the Commissions for Culture of the Senat (www.senat.ro) and the Chamber of Deputies (www.cdep.ro).

    Romanian public television has been undergoing years of finacial difficulties. Its debts have been increasing since 2005, and the National Administration for Fiscal Administration (www.anaf.ro) blocked its accounts on 21 May 21. The deficit was €36.7 million Euro in 2011, a slight drop of 0.71% compared with 2010.