FNE at Cannes 2017: Romanian Cinema in Cannes

By Romanian Film Centre

    Find us in VILLAGE INT'L - Pantiero Side Pav 114

    This year Romanian director Cristian Mungiu will preside over the Cinefondation and Short Films jury.

    Romanian producer Iuliana Tarnovetchi is participating in EFP Producers on the Move. For more information click HERE.

    Ruxandra Ghitescu was selected for Cannes Festival Atelier with drama-thriller Otto the Barbarian, produced by Tarnovetchi through Alien Film

     Valeriu Andriuta is starring and Oleg Mutu is lensing the latest film by the Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa, A Gentle Creature, selected for the Official Competition, while Alexander Nanau is lensing the French/German documentary Nothingwood, directed by Sonia Kronlund and selected for the 49th edition of the Cannes Directors Fortnight.

    Market Screenings of Romanian Films in Cannes:

    16:00 Eastern Business (Romania, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova))
    Directed by Igor Cobileanski
    Produced by Alien Film in coproduction with Lithuania's Just a Moment and Republica Moldova's Brio Film
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre and the Lithuanian Film Centre
    Palais G

    17:30 Orizont (Romania)
    Directed by Marian Crişan
    Produced by Solar Indie Junction, Mandragora Movies and Rova Film
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre
    Palais F

    16:00 I Am Hercules (Romania) Documentary
    Directed by Marius Iacob
    Produced by Manekino Film
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre
    Palais G

    Romanian Short Waves 2017

    26/05/2017 13:30 Palais F

    CUMULONIMBUS (Romania)
    From: Ioana MISCHIE
    Duration: 15 mn
    Genre: Drama, Social, Youth

    SPID (Romania)
    From: Muresanu BOGDAN
    Duration: 18 mn
    Genre: Comedy

    VINTAGE (Romania)
    Duration: 16 mn
    Genre: Drama, Social

    ALMANIA (Romania)
    Duration: 15 mn
    Genre: Drama, Social

    From: Bednarszky HEDDA
    Duration: 22 mn
    Genre: Social

    From: Muresan PAUL
    Duration: 5 mn
    Genre: Comedy

    NINEL (Romania)
    From: Popescu CONSTANTIN
    Duration: 26 mn
    Genre: Comedy

    SARACUL ARPI (Romania)
    From: Serestely SZILARD
    Duration: 22 mn
    Genre: Social

    OFFSTAGE (Romania)
    From: Andrei HUȚULEAC
    Duration: 25 mn
    Genre: Comedy, Drama

    ANATHEMA (Romania)
    From: Andreea Cristina BORȚUN
    Duration: 20 mn
    Genre: Drama

    DREAMS ON SALE (Romania)
    From: Vlad BUZAIANU
    Duration: 9 mn
    Genre: Fantastic

    From: Ioana TURCAN
    Duration: 9 mn
    Genre: Drama

    LIMBA PATERNA (Romania)
    From: Cristina JUKS
    Duration: 15 mn
    Genre: Drama

    MA CHEAMA, COSTIN (Romania)
    From: Radu POTCOAVA
    Duration: 14 mn
    Genre: Fantastic

    For more information click HERE.

    Source: Romanian Film Centre, Festival de Cannes

    cineticThe Romanian VR Days @ Cannes IFF

    Romania’s first VR exploratory steps will be unveiled at this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Market.

    The Romanian VR Days in Cannes, is a pilot-event developed by CINETic, that will be launched on the 25th of May, from 1PM to 6 PM at the Romanian Pavilion (Riviera, Nr. 114).  As a follow-up of the event, on the 26th of May, there will be free slots for one-to-one meetings with Romanian professionals and an informal VR get-together will follow from 4 to 6 PM. Participants willing to attend the event are kindly asked to RSVP in advance  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 23rd of May 2017 in order to be scheduled for a private and comfortable viewing experience.

    Aiming to showcase and to promote Romanian VR works and artists at the 70th Cannes International Film Festival, the pilot initiative highlights, debates and encourages the first pioneering steps in the VR industry: “Romania has much more to offer than highly qualitative cinema: it has to offer compelling virtual reality concepts and contents, ground-breaking technologies and pioneering storytelling architectures. We aim to make all the necessary efforts to use technology constructively. As Buckminster Fuller used to say - “we are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”  This is mainly a conceived as pilot playground for Eastern-European transdisciplinary visionaries. We are honored to have the chance to create and expose Romanian VR works in one of the most inspiring innovation hubs worldwide.”  - Ioana Mischie, CINETic programs coordinator and founder of the event.
    The program includes more than six independent Romanian VR works, reuniting diversified genres, approaches and techniques: computer-generated worlds (Quantum directed by Vlad Lomnasan, The Jilava Massacre directed by Alexandru Berceanu, Mr. Freckles directed by Andrei Brovcenco), fiction (Escape directed by Millo Simulov), documentary (The Turda Salt Mine 360 by Creative VR) and educational works (Envisage the Future directed by Lewis Smithingham).

    Apart of the finalized projects included in the showcase, there will be as well a digital booklet displaying Romanian VR projects-in-development curated by STORYSCAPES, available at request for interested co-producers, partners or reviewers. The international partners will be able to further appoint one-to-one meetings with the present Romanian VR creators and with the CINETic delegates.
    The 70th International Cannes Film Festival takes place from May the 17th to May the 27th, 2017.  This edition seems to host a pioneering year for the VR field. Cannes IFF has selected for the first time in history a virtual reality project in the competition - created by the Oscar awarded Alejandro González Iñárritu and Emmanuel Lubezki “CARNE y ARENA”.  In parallel, the NEXT Pavilion will display carefully curated global VR contents for the second year in a row. In this global context, Romania aims to synchronise its first pioneering steps in dialogue with the international VR paths.

    The Romanian VR Days is a pilot event created under the patronage of UNATC-CINETic. The pilot edition is initiated by Ioana Mischie, CINETic programs coordinator, cinematic storyteller and PhD student researching unconventional audio-visual grammars. The program is technically facilitated by Marius Hodea, CINETic VR research assistant and computer-generated VR practitioner. The visual image design of the event is signed by Matei Branea, UNATC Vice-Rector and animator.  The initiative took shape with the contribution of external partners and Romanian entities such as Storyscapes, the Romanian NGO focussing transmedia storyworlds, interactive narratives and unconventional worldbuilding grammars (VR) or Augmented Space Agency - a Romanian start-up focussed on AR.

    Affiliated to The National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC), CINETic is a recently created research centre, focussing mainly on the interaction between neuroscience and unconventional audio-visual grammars (including VR/AR/MR grammars). The centre values three main paths: the research, the creative and the educational layers. For more information, you may follow CINETic here: FB | WEB | BLOG | VIMEO