Doina Gradea Confirmed General Manager of the Romanian Public Broadcaster

    Doina Gradea Doina Gradea

    BUCHAREST: Doina Gradea was elected by the Romanian Parliament as general manager of the Romanian public broadcaster (SRTV) on 28 March 2018. She was appointed acting general manager in September 2017 after the rejection of the activity report on 2016 and thus the dissolution of the Council of Administration led by the former general manager Irina Radu.

    Doina Gradea was also validated by the Cultural Comissions of the Senat and the Chamber of Deputies, according to the Mediafax agency.

    Previously, the Parliament approved a new Council of Administration, which proposed Doina Gradea as general manager.

    Gradea represented the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the ruling party, in the Council of Administration disbanded on 27 September 2017. Gradea was the manager of Pro TV International from 2004 to 2014. She started working for the Romanian public television in 2016.