Romanian Independent Cultural Workers Appeal to Government for Support


    BUCHAREST: More than 12,200 independent cultural workers, including film workers (directors, actors, DoPs, editors, etc.) have signed an appeal to the Government and several ministries, asking for measures of support in the difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The professionals call for measures of social protection including, among others, health insurance till 31 December 2020 for those who don't have it yet; lump sums for independent artists, PFAs and LLCs facing difficulties, from three to six months; temporary exemption from taxes on revenues from copyright contracts and service contracts for cultural activities till 31 December 2020.

    Cultural workers are also asking the Government, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to adopt the Artist Status, which would approve the cultural workers’ activity, so that they could benefit from health insurance, pensions and welfare.

    On the other hand, the Ministry of Culture has requested a legal act, so that the Romanian radio and TV broadcasters air Romanian productions (films, music, theatre and dance) as at least 50% of their programme. The measure is aimed at helping the local artists who could benefit from copyrights during these times.