Romania Gives 100 m EUR for Culture Sector


    BUCHAREST: The Romanian Government will distribute 100 m EUR for the culture sector, including cinema, with the requirement that all the applicants should register by 25 November 2020 in the Cultural Sector Register, the creative industries map launched by the Ministry of Culture in 2020.

    Another requirement is that the applicants (companies which were active in the last two years, but not independent or freelance artists) should add 20 percent to the 80 percent provided by the grant to their application projects.

    Micro-grants of 4,000 EUR for entities that didn't sell tickets for their activities in 2019, as well as variable grants varying from 7 to 50 percent from the gross revenues from the tickets sold in 2019, are available. No grant should exceed 800,000 EUR.

    The Minister of Culture Bogdan Gheorghiu said that after the registration his ministry would have a budgetary impact needed to determine whether the allotted budget is sufficient.

    The grants are available for performing arts, visual arts including cinema, audiovisual, publishing, heritage and cultural education.

    The grants scheme will be operational at the beginning of 2021.