PRODUCTION: Romanian Director Cristina Jacob Shoots Stormy Nights

    Stormy Nights by Cristina Jacob Stormy Nights by Cristina Jacob credit: Bogdan Fundali

    BUCHAREST: Cristina Jacob started shooting a new comedy Stormy Nights in Romania, with actors coming from Italy, England, France, Canada, the USA and Romania. The production was due earlier, but it has been delayed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Stormy Nights is a wild comedy about the complicated emotional and sexual relationships of four couples from different generations, who come together at The Perfect Escape Hotel, a special place isolated in the mountains. But The Perfect Escape Hotel soon seems to be the Perfect Trap for its guests. Jacob wrote the script together with Tim John and Andreea Georgescu.

    Stormy Nights will star Giorgia Sinicorni, Stacy Thunes, Aggy K Adams, Maeva Demurger, Laura Hamisultane, Nigel Whitmey, Mark Holden and Bogdan Iancu.

    Daniel Jacob is producing through Romania's Zazu Film. The Romanian Film Centre supported the production with approximately 250,000 EUR (as a result of the First Batch of Grants in 2019) out of a currently undisclosed budget.

    “Production costs have skyrocketed and only the support and dedication of a team of good-hearted and responsible professionals has allowed us to get here safely. I had to do the international casting through online platforms, organise rehearsals only after observing the quarantine of the actors who arrived from abroad and after the daily testing of all team members. Obviously, we're all wearing protective masks all the time. But we've adapted to the new reality”, Cristina Jacob said in a statement.

    Shooting started on 31 March 2021 and will wrap after seven weeks. The shooting takes place at the Buftea Studios and on location in Transylvania.

    Jacob's previous film, Oh, Ramona! (Zazu Film) was a domestic hit in Romania in 2019, with 260,531 admissions and approximately 1 m EUR / 5,094,311 RON gross in 12 weeks.

    Production Information:

    Stormy Nights by Cristina Jacob, credit: Bogdan FundaliProducer:
    Zazu Film (Romania)
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    Director: Cristina Jacob
    Scriptwriter: Cristina Jacob, Tim John, Andreea Georgescu
    DoP: J.P. Garcia
    Cast: Giorgia Sinicorni, Stacy Thunes, Aggy K Adams, Maeva Demurger, Laura Hamisultane, Nigel Whitmey, Mark Holden, Bogdan Iancu