Romania Tightens COVID-19 Restrictions

    Cinema Elvire Popesco in Bucharest Cinema Elvire Popesco in Bucharest

    BUCHAREST: Romanian authorities have decided to close cinemas, theatres, restaurants and shopping malls at 9 p.m. daily starting on 25 October 2021, as the incidence rate of Coronavirus infections is increasing. Cinemas will also have to work at 30% of capacity, instead of 50%.

    The new restrictions will last for 30 days.

    Bars, clubs and discotheques will be closed for 30 days, schools for two weeks, while sport events are allowed without the audience.

    Night quarantine for unvaccinated persons has also been set up. The green pass is required almost everywhere, including in cinemas.

    The decision to reduce the allowed capacity of cinemas from 50% to 30% and to close cinemas at 9 p.m. is affecting the 12th edition of the Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest Festival, which started on 21 October 2021 and which had to re-organise its screenings at the very last minute.

    Romania is the European country with the most Coronavirus deaths daily and the second in the world according to the number of deaths per day.

    The incidence rate in Bucharest on 24 October 2021 was 16.38 cases for 1,000 persons.