PRODUCTION: Snowing Darkness to Premiere at Tallinn Black Nights FF 2021

    Snowing Darkness by Gabriel de Achim Snowing Darkness by Gabriel de Achim

    BUCHAREST: Gabriel de Achim’s third feature film Snowing Darkness / Uneori ninge cu zăpadă, alteori cu întuneric will have its world premiere on 25 November 2021 in the international competition Rebels With A Cause at the 25th edition of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (12-28 November 2021).

    The script written by Gabriel de Achim together with his regular co-writer Cosmin Manolache revolves around a director in rehearsals for an autobiographical project about a director who conceives a theatrical performance about his own torment caused by his daughter’s death. While the performance has many working versions, the only constant characters are the director, his wife and their daughter. As the main story unfolds, strange and unsettling frame stories arise, which hover between fiction and real life.

    The film stars Bogdan Dumitrache alongside Anca Androne, Luiza Gherghinescu, Gheorghe Ifrim, Rolando Matsangos and Silvana Mihai.

    „What is a film about? What is the meaning of art? Who are you and when are you really yourself? The only honest answer seems to be the idea that every answer is the wrong answer. The things that are of interest in this film are of interest to me. I’m not the same person as the main character of this film. But a lot of his concerns are my concerns, and I don’t know how it could be otherwise. It’s a film inspired by a personal depression I thought I’d never overcome, but also by literary influences: the works of Orhan Pamuk and the poems of Tomas Tranströmer. There's darkness inside us, right? In the body. In the dark, you keep having surprises. You're afraid, you stumble. I like to think that my film is just like that”, Gabriel de Achim told FNE.

    Snowing Darkness is produced by Anca Puiu and Smaranda Zărnoianu through Mandragora, with support from the Romanian Film Centre (CNC), Dacin Sara and the Romanian public television (TVR). Bogdan Zărnoianu is the executive producer. The budget has not been disclosed.

    The film was shot in Bucharest in 18 shooting days, from 8 to 28 February 2020.

    The estimated theatrical release in Romania is March 2022, by Iadasarecasa.

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/Vz85TSHtLNk

    Production Information:

    Snowing Darkness Gabriel de AchimProducer:
    Mandragora (Romania)
    Anca Puiu: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Gabriel de Achim
    Scriptwriters: Gabriel de Achim, Cosmin Manolache
    DoP: Adrian Iurchevici
    Editor: Nicolae Claudiu Trif
    Composer: Vlaicu Golcea
    Costume designer: Luminița Crăciun
    Art department: Ana Gabriela Lemnaru
    Choreography: Florin Fieroiu
    Cast: Bogdan Dumitrache, Anca Androne, Luiza Gherghinescu, Gheorghe Ifrim, Rolando Matsangos, Silvana Mihai