Astra Film Festival on EFA Eligible Festivals List

    Astra Film Festival 2021 Astra Film Festival 2021 photo: Rares Helici, source: Astra FF

    SIBIU: The Astra Film Festival has been included by the European Film Academy on the list of documentary film festivals eligible for a direct nomination to the documentary section of the European Film Awards.

    The European documentaries eligible for the 2022 European Film Academy awards need to be at least 70 minute-long and be officially launched between June 2021 and May 2022. Moreover, they need to receive an award at a major film festival (such as Astra Film Fest) or to be selected to three major festivals, or to be theatrically released in at least three countries.

    The next edition of the Astra Film Fest will be held in Sibiu 10-16 October 2022.