FNE at TIFF 2022: The Goat and Her Three Kids

    The Goat and Her Three Kids by Victor Canache The Goat and Her Three Kids by Victor Canache

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Victor Canache’s debut feature The Goat and Her Three Kids / Capra cu trei iezi has its world premiere in the Romanian Days competition at the 21st edition of the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), running in Cluj-Napoca 17-26 June 2022. The film turns a well-known Romanian children's tale from 1875 into a psychological thriller.

    Based on a famous children's tale by Romanian classic writer Ion Creangă (1837-1889), The Goat and Her Three Kids is not a film for children, but a psychological thriller following a single mother who fights to protect her son after losing the other two to a killer.

    While adapting the tale, Victor Canache, who also penned the script, replaced the animals with humans and came up with the story of a poor woman from the countryside confronted with an evil man who is punishing her for not accepting his sexual advance.

    Maia Morgenstern, who starred in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and Ulysses’ Gaze by Theo Angelopoulos, plays the lead. The actress will receive the TIFF Excellence Award at the closing gala of the festival on 25 June 2022.

    The cast includes Marius Bodochi and children Antonio Gavrilă, Silviu Corbu and Răzvan Ilina.

    Luana Georgiță is producing independently through Casa de Filme Nouă.

    The film was shot during the pandemic, in the autumn of 2020, in the Malu cu Flori village, in the Dâmbovița county. The set was built from scratch in a field.

    “After TIFF we will do our best to release the film in cinemas and then on VOD - Netflix, Hulu, Disney+”, Canache said for the Romanian daily HotNews.ro.

    Victor Canache studied Acting at the Hyperion University and at the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio in Los Angeles. He has worked as an actor and stuntman in Romania and the USA. In 2017 he made a short film The Goat and Her Three Kids / Capra cu trei iezi, based on the same tale by Ion Creangă.

    Production Information:

    Casa de Filme Noua (Romania)

    Director: Victor Canache
    Scriptwriter: Victor Canache
    DoP: Lullu de Hillerin
    Editor: Victor Canache, Tudor D. Popescu
    Cast: Maia Morgenstern, Marius Bodochi, Antonio Gavrilă, Silviu Corbu, Răzvan Ilina