BOX OFFICE: Romanian Comedy Miami Bici 2 Defeats Napoleon by a Landslide in Local Box Office

    Miami Bici 2 by Jesús del Cerro Miami Bici 2 by Jesús del Cerro credit: Vertical Entertainment

    BUCHAREST: Romanian sexy comedy Miami Bici 2 directed by Jesús del Cerro tops the domestic charts with 198,324 admissions in the opening weekend, followed by Napoleon with 44,379 admissions.

    Miami Bici 2 was released by Vertical Entertainment on 183 screens on 24 November 2023, cashing in a little over 1 m EUR / 5,281,140 RON, compared to Ridley Scott’s film which grossed 279,000 EUR / 1,387,617 RON from 93 screens, according to Cinemagia.ro.

    Made by the same team that was behind Miami Bici, consisting of director Jesús del Cerro and producers Codin Maticiuc (WatchMe Productions) and Matei Dima (Vidra Productions), the film involved a budget of 2.2 m EUR (a record for an independent Romanian film), of which half a million euros was the fee of Danny Trejo, who plays a Mexican-American gangster, Codin Maticiuc said in a popular podcast in Romania.

    Miami Bici 2, which follows the adventures of two Romanians, played by Maticiuc and Dima, in the United States by mixing sexy comedy with genre parody, is not the Romanian film with the best opening in 2023. Romina VTM by Paul-Răzvan Macovei, produced and distributed by Vidra Productions, had 233,428 admissions in the opening weekend of 6 – 8 January 2023.

    So far, the 2023 top ten boasts three Romanian productions. Romina VTM is number 4 with 360,839 total admissions, followed by Nuntă pe bani by Cristian Ilișuan, produced and distributed by Bravo Films, with 357,404 admissions, and Haita de acțiune by Vali Dobrogeanu, produced and distributed by Vidra Films,with 322,843 total admissions.

    The second best opening for a domestic film in 2023 and the 11th current rank in the annual box office gives Miami Bici 2 hopes of entering the general top ten and finishing 2023 at an important rank.

    Released in the pandemic 2020, Miami Bici topped the general box office of the year with 553,635 admissions after only four weeks of screenings.