Romania Launches Call for New Cash Rebate Programme on 25 July 2024


    BUCHAREST: Romania will launch the call for projects for the 30% cash rebate session 2024-2026 on 25 July 2024. After a break of three years and a half, the Government approved the last corrections on the cash rebate programme from the Government Decision 421/2018 on 21 June 2024.

    “In 2024-2026, we estimate that the film production will attract in Romania direct investments of over 350 m EUR”, said the Romanian Minister of Culture Raluca Turcan.

    The scheme will be ongoing throughout the year but the “first come, first served” rule will be replaced with “first into production” rule. The applicants will have to start the project in Romania in 60 days from the issue of the eligibility certificate, while the shooting should start in maximum nine months.

    The minimum local spend is: 100,000 EUR for a feature film over 60 minutes; 100,000 EUR for each episode of a series; 50,000 EUR for a documentary; and 15,000 EUR for a short film, an animated film over 5 minutes or an animated series.

    The 30% cash rebate on local eligible expenditure is up to 10 m EUR for a single project, and it can be accumulated with other state aid: up to 60% for EU coproductions and 100% for difficult films.

    Eligible projects include: short, medium and long fiction films; series and miniseries; artistic documentaries; and animated films.

    Non-eligible projects are: soap operas, sitcoms, commercials and videogames.

    The cash rebate scheme is handled by the Office for Film and Cultural Investments (OFIC), which was established in 2023 under the Ministry of Culture.

    The relaunch of the cash rebate programme will be welcomed by the Romanian Advertising and Media Association and the Federation of Creative Industries Employers (FEPIC), together with the Romanian Investments and International Trade Agency, who have been promoting Romanian companies and locations at the recent Cannes Lions 17 to 21 June as well as at other international events.

    Click HERE for more information about the cash rebate programme.