6D cinema opens in Romania

By Iulia Blaga

    The Light Cinema became the first Romanian multiplex to launch a 6D cinema, which began operating June 1 in Bucharest.

    The weekend prior to the the official opening was offered free of charge. On June 1, there were more than 600 tickets sold.

    The technology combines 3D cinema with enironmental elements (precipatation, wind, odor) as well as chair movement.

    Venera Munjev, general manager of The Light Cinema Bucharest told FNE that the investment was €600,000. The company hopes to recover their investment in two years.

    The 40 seats hall and the equipment were brought from Austria. There are only four films currently on offer, between 5 and 15 minutes long. The tickets cost from €2 to €4.

    The Light Cinema, owned by the British company The Light (www.lightcinemas.com), is the only entirely digital multiplex in Romania, opened in 2008. The Light will open another multiplex with eight cinemas in Oradea this autumn.