Production: The Graduates of the 3rd Millenium in post-production

By Iulia Blaga

    Adrian Popovici is finishing post-production on The Graduates of the 3rd Millenium (Liceenii mileniului trei, working title).

    The film is a sequel to a popular teenage series of the 1980's that opened with Confessions of Love (Declaraţie de dragoste) in 1985.

    The film evolves around contemporary teenagers with contemporary difficulties - dysfunctional families, drugs and alcohol. It will likely be released under the title 53 Hours and More (53 de ore şi ceva).

    The script is written by George Şovu and Pascal Ilie Virgil. Shooting took place in autumn 2008 in Bucharest. The cast includes mainly young actors: Ioana Blaj, Cristian Popa, Iulia Verdeş, Costel Caşcaval, Andi Vasluianu, Claudiu Bleonţ, and Diana Dumbravă. The DOP is Mihai Sârbuşcă.

    The film is a 100% local production being produced by Cornelia Paloş and Artis Film (/www.artisfilm.ro). From the budget of €539,400 the National Cinema Centre (/www.cncinema.abt.ro) contributed €239,700 in 2007, and the Romanian National Television (www.tvr.ro) invested €80,000.

    The local premiere is set for October 2009, producer Cornelia Paloş told FNE.

    Production Information

    Artis Film

    59 Romulus street, Sector 3

    Bucharest, Romania

    Phone/Fax: +40.21.322.36.48



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    Director: Adrian Popovici

    Script: George Şovu

    Pascal Ilie Virgil

    DOP: Mihai Sârbuşcă

    Cast: Ioana Blaj

    Cristian Popa

    Iulia Verdeş

    Costel Caşcaval

    Andi Vasluianu

    Claudiu Bleonţ

    Diana Dumbravă