High Definition Television ignites competition between operators

By Iulia Blaga

    Romtelecom (www.romtelecom.ro ) will launch 8-10 TV channels in High Definition in the next 12 months in Romania, while UPC (www.upc.ro ) will launch a package of 8 channels this autumn.

    UPC announced that a package comprising TVR, Pro TV, HBO, Eurosport, History Channel, National Geographic, Fashion TV and BBC will be available within the Digital TV packages starting this autumn.

    Apart from launching HDTV, Romtelecom is expected to provide IPTV services (internet television) until the end of 2009. Romtelecom is also involved in NextGen Communications, its cable company launched last year, whose aim is to acquire as many as small cable operators from the market.

    Romtelecom CEO, Yorgos Ioannidis, told hotnews.ro that up to 5% of the personnel (500 people) will lose their jobs in 2009, unlike 2008 when 18% of the personnel were fired.