Tales from the Golden Age tops Romanian box office

By Iulia Blaga
    Tales from the Golden Age, produced, written and co-directed by Cristian Mungiu, together with Ioana Uricaru, Hanno Hofer, Răzvan Mărculescu and Constantin Popescu, has drawn the highest admission on opening week-end for a Romanian film.

    With 4,588 tickets sold, the film place seventh overall for opening week-end results in Romania.

    The film was launched on September 25 on 10 screens in 7 cities. Mungiu has decided, together with the local distributor, Voodoo Films, to release the 6 short films that comprise Tales from the Golden Age (www.amintiridinepocadeaur.ro ) in two parts.

    Four of them went out on September 25 as Tales from the Golden Age - Comrades, Life is Beautiful!, while the other two will be released on October 23, as Tales from the Golden Age- Love After Hours.

    As a marketing strategy, a contest invites people to write the most interesting urban legend from the 1980s through the present. The best story has to possibility of being turned into a film.

    However, Tales from the Golden Age - Comrades, Life is Beautiful! was overtaken by two American films that premiered the same day: Funny People, with 10,594 tickets and Gamer, with 6,412 tickets.

    Tales from the Golden Age will be distributed in over 25 countries, starting with Italy, where it premiered on September 18. In the UK the film will be launched in October, and it will also be seen in the USA, Canada, France, Spain, India or Taiwan. In most of the cases, the film will comprise 5 shorts.

    Wild Bunch (www.wildbunch.biz) is the international sales agent. Mobra Films (www.mobrafilms.ro) produced. Tales from the Golden Age was presented in Cannes 2009, in the section Un Certain Regard. The film re-creates in tragi-comic tone urban legends from the communist era which many Romanians considered true at the time.

    Production Information

    Mobra Films

    5 Intrarea Serdarului

    011377, Bucharest, Romania

    Phone/Fax: +40-21-666.48.27


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    Directors: Cristian Mungiu

    Ioana Uricaru

    Hanno Hofer

    Răzvan Mărculescu

    Constantin Popescu

    Script: Cristian Mungiu

    DOP: Oleg Mutu

    Alex Sterian

    Liviu Marghidan

    Cast: Alexandru Potocean

    Viorel Comănici

    Călin Chirilă

    Romeo Tudor

    Avram Birău

    Ion Sapdaru

    Virginia Mirea