Romanians to launch TV channel in Moldova

By Iulia Blaga

    Romanian media firm Realitatea Caţavencu will launch Publika TV, a news and business channel, in the Republic of Moldavia starting mid-February 2010.

    Realitatea Caţavencu (www.gruprc.ro) is investing 4.5 million euro in the project. The company will also launch the portal www.publika.md. Realitatea Caţavencu brought a majority stake from New Media Group (www.nmg.md), a company that owns www.unimedia.md (the leading Romanian news portal in Moldavia), www.vesti.md (a Russian news site), the women's site www.ladyclub.md, and the advertising media AdCenter .

    Some 150 Moldavian journalists and 100 technicians are to work for the new TV channel, which will air live 24/7.

    Realitatea Caţavencu is facing reorganization in Romania. It will stop printing two daily newspapers as of January 1, 2010, and plans to sell its news agency. Sorin Ovidiu Vântu, the owner of Realitatea Caţavencu, said he will concentrate on new media. He also told HotNews.ro that in 2010 Realitatea Caţavencu will launch TV channels in Hungary and Serbia, focusing on a mix of news and economic topics.