PRODUCTION: The Godmother begins shooting

By Iulia Blaga

    Virgil Nicolaescu has started shooting his first feature, Naşa/The Godmother, a comedy inspired by the American movies with Italian gangsters, but fashioned after the Romanian realities.

    His main character is Jennifer, an American woman based in Bucharest, married to a local businessman and working as a teacher at the American School.

    When her husband is arrested allegedly for money laundering for a local mobster, she faces mobsters she saw only in the movies. In order to help her husband, she starts organizing her own "family" to help her dealing with the frightening local gangsters.

    The script is written by Tudor Voican, author of California Dreamin' (Endless), Medal of Honor, and Viorel Mihalcea. The film is produced by Alma Sârbu and Patricia Poienaru together with MediaPro Pictures (www.mediapropictures.com), along with Jesus del Cerro. The script received a grant from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in 2006.

    The main character is played by the American actress Whitney Anderson (CSI, Veronica Mars, Bones). Dragoş Bucur (Police, adjective) plays the husband, and Răzvan Vasilescu from California Dreamin' (Endless) plays the family lawyer. The cast includes Ştefan Iancu, Dan Aştilean, Doru Cătănescu, Marian Negrescu, Puiu Lăscuş, Florentin Roman and David Puşcaş. Viorel Sergovici (Aurora) is the DOP.

    The shooting started on August 9 and will wrap in 3 weeks, filming on location in Bucharest and also at MediaPro Studios in Buftea. The local premiere is set for February 2010.

    Production information

    MediaPro Pictures

    1 Studioului Str, Buftea, Ilfov

    Phone: +40.(0).318.251.840

    Fax: +40. (0).318.251.196


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    Director: Virgil Nicolaescu

    Script: Tudor Voican

    Viorel Mihalcea

    DOP: Viorel Sergovici

    Cast: Whitney Anderson

    Dragoş Bucur

    Răzvan Vasilescu

    Ştefan Iancu

    Dan Aştilean

    Doru Cătănescu

    Marian Negrescu

    Puiu Lăscuş

    Florentin Roman

    David Puşcaş