PRODUCTION: Child Miner in Production

By Iulia Blaga

    BUCHAREST: Director/screenwriter Alexandra Gulea is shooting her first feature Child-Miner (Copil-miner) in Romania until the end of March. Shooting started on 16 February 2011 and will wrap at the end of March. The premiere is set for 2012.

    The film is produced by Thomas Ciulei and Europolis Film srl (site under construction) in co-production with Germany's Ciulei Films (site under construction) and France's La Vie Est Belle Film Associes (www.lavieestbellefilms.fr) .

    The budget is €630,000. The project received a production grant of €268,000 from the National Centre for Cinema (www.cncinema.abt.ro) in 2009 and also a €8,540 development grant from the same institution in 2008. It is also supported with €100,000 by Eurimages (www.coe.int/t/dg4/eurimages), with €50,000 by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (fff-bayern.de) and also by Bayerischer Rundfunk (www.br-online.de), Groupama Gan (www.groupama.com), the MEDIA Programme (ec.europa.eu/culture/media) and Romanian public television (www.tvr.ro).

    The story is centered on 11-year-old, Dudi, whose parents are working in Italy and who remains in Romania with his grandfather, a retired miner. The film is a bildungsroman set against a sensitive social backdrop: 85,000 Romanians who are working abroad leave their children home to be taken care of by relatives. Moreover, mining is a dying profession in Romania as many of the mines began to close after 1990.

    The main actors are Alexandru Czuli, Cornel Scripcaru and Remus Mărginean. Germany's Reinhold Vorschneider is the DOP. Postproduction might be completed in Germany, Ciulei told FNE.

    Production Information:

    Europolis Film

    14 Tudor Arghezi street

    020945 Bucharest, Romania

    Phone/Fax: +40.21.316.80.79

    Mobile: +40.744.644.147

    Site under construction

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    Ciulei Films

    31 Cajetan street

    81669 Munchen, Germany


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    La Vie Est Belle Film Associes

    45 Rue de la Mare

    75020 Paris - France

    Tel. +33 (0) 1 43 87 00 42



    Director: Alexandra Gulea

    Script: Alexandra Gulea

    DOP: Reinhold Vorschneider

    Cast: Alexandru Czuli

    Cornel Scripcaru

    Remus Mărginean