Back to the Cinema Traverses Serbia


    BELGRADE: Cinemas in Serbia will re-open in July, after three months of inactivity. Starting on 1 July 2020 cinemas in all towns and cities in Serbia will host a film series Back to the Cinema / Povratak u bioskop, initiated by the sections of distributors and screeners within the Group for Cinematography, and supported and aided by Film Center Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

    The series will consist of some 20 films, including the most watched ones and those whose distribution was curtailed or halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency. Tickets for the special series will cost under 2 EUR / 200 RSD.

    Film Center Serbia strongly supports this initiative. We have recognised that the distributors and screening venues had been the first to experience and suffer the interruption of their work and that they would be the very last ones to return to their usual manner of functioning. In addition, Film Center Serbia has invested sizable energy and financial means into the development and modernisation of the cinema infrastructure in Serbia, so one of our major priorities is to see this branch of the film industry in Serbia back on its feet and bettering itself,“ said the director of Film Center Serbia, Gordan Matić. 

    Cinemas in Serbia are expected to resume screening premiere films in full capacity as of 15 July.