BOX OFFICE: Serbian Bad Blood Tops Domestic BO by a Landslide

    Bad Blood by Milutin Petrović Bad Blood by Milutin Petrović

    BELGRADE: The Serbian feature film Bad Blood / Nečista krv – Greh predaka by Milutin Petrović has topped the domestic box office during its opening weekend, with 16,958 admissions and 59,422 EUR / 6,976,530 RSD gross. In comparison, the runner-up Hollywood animation hit PAW Patrol – The Movie had 7,213 admissions in its second week.

    FAME Solutions has released Bad Blood in nine prints.

    Bad Blood takes place during  the waning era of the Ottoman Empire, an era beset by major political change and turmoil, when peasants began rising up in strength to the detriment of wealthy merchant families. The story follows Trifun, the wealthy leader of the Christian minority, who, while trying to preserve his power, sets off a chain of events that causes harsh consequences for his family.

    Bad Blood by Milutin PetrovićThe script includes various literary works of the popular Serbian writer Borisav Stanković. It was penned by Nanović and Milena Marković based on an original script that had been written by the Serbian filmmaker Vojislav Voja Nanović some 50 years ago while living in the USA, and which was considered lost for decades.

    The main roles are played by Dragan Bjelogrlić, Katarina Radivojević, Marko Grabež, Dejan Bućin, Anđela Jovanović, Teodora Dragićević , Feđa Štukan, Nedim Nezirović, Nela Mihajlović, Milica Gojković, Vaja Dujović and Aleksandar Ristoski.

    Snežana van Houwelingen produced the film through This and That Productions with support from Film Center Serbia and Creative Europe MEDIA.

    Bad Blood is currently screening in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Montenegro.