PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Luka Bursać in Production with Videotheque

    Director Luka Bursać on the set of Videotheque Director Luka Bursać on the set of Videotheque

    BELGRADE: The young Serbian director Luka Bursać is currently in production with his third feature film Videotheque / Videoteka, which has been supported by Film Center Serbia.

    After a robbery goes awry, a bandit finds refuge in an abandoned New Belgrade video club. Forced to spend the night there, he decides to watch three cassettes containing three different films.

    The director Luka Bursać also penned the script. The cast includes David Tasić, Nebojša Šurlan, Dobrila Ćirković, Vuk Karanović and Đorđe Kadijević.

    The film is produced by Mashina&Zec with Vukota Antunović as executive producer. Film Center Serbia supported the project with approximately 140,000 EUR / 16 m RSD in July 2020. As reported by the director himself, the planned budget of the film is 300,000 EUR.

    Videotheque / Videoteka is being shot in various locations in Belgrade. The shooting started on 25 October 2021 and this portion will be completed on 11 November 2021. The production will resume in March 2022.

    Production Information:

    Videotheque by Luka BursaćProducer:
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    Director: Luka Bursać
    Scriptwriter: Luka Bursać
    DoP: Lazar Bogdanović
    Editor: Branimir Živković
    Original music: Herman Kopp
    Cast: David Tasić, Nebojša Šurlan, Dobrila Ćirković, Vuk Karanović, Đorđe Kadijević