FNE at FEST 2022: FEST Forward in Belgrade In Progress


    BELGRADE: FEST Forward is an international coproduction market and networking platform focusing on empowering European coproductions in the Balkan region. The new edition of the market is running, from 27 February to 1 March, during the 50the edition FEST, in the capital of Serbia.

    The selected projects will compete for partner awards and for the FEST Forward Best Pitch Award, including a cash prize of 5,000 EUR, to be spent on the development of a project presented under the FEST Forward programme.

    FEST Forward 2022 - selected projects

    Block 5 (Slovenia, Croatia)
    Director: Klemen Dvornik
    Producers: Barbara Daljavec, Branislav Srdić
    Production company: A Atalanta

    Eve After the Fall (Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia)
    Director: Lana Barić
    Producer: Irena Marković
    Production company: Focus Media

    The Memory of Autumn Mists (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary)
    Director: Tina Ščavničar
    Producer: Danijel Hočevar
    Production company: Vertigo

    Neither Voice (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia)
    Director: Ester Ivakič
    Producers: Andraž Jerič, Jerca Jerič
    Production company: Temporama

    Nothing Will Be Named After Me (aka MAXIM) (Montenegro)
    Director: Đorđe Vojvodić
    Producer: Miljan Vučelić
    Production company: Bitter Frames Productions

    Once Upon a Future in the Balkans (Croatia, Slovenia)
    Director: Predrag Ličina
    Producer: Vanja Sremac
    Production company: Terminal 3

    Spite (Serbia, Portugal, Montenegro)
    Director: Andrijana Stojković
    Producer: Mirko Bojović
    Production company: Baboon Production

    Summer Teeth (Croatia)
    Director: Dražen Žarković
    Producer: Damir Terešak
    Production company: Maxima film

    That’s it for Today (Serbia, Croatia)
    Director: Marko Đorđević
    Producer: Miloš Pušić
    Production company: Altertise

    The Wolf (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia)
    Director: Miloš Škundrić
    Producer: Marko Paljić
    Production company: Paradox Film