PRODUCTION: Nedeljko Kovačić Shoots Serbian Spy Thriller Melodrama

    Vera by Nedljko Kovačić Vera by Nedljko Kovačić photo: GFC

    BELGRADE: Serbian director Nedljko Kovačić is currently in production with his debut feature, a spy thriller melodrama titled Vera. The key role is played by Jovana Stojiljković, the most sought after Serbian and regional actress of younger generations at the moment. A TV series of 10 one-hour episodes is simultaneously being shot, supported by the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

    Vera is inspired by the true story of Vera Pešić (1919–1944), who was active during WW2 and some called her "the Serbian Mata Hari." The script penned by Nedeljko Kovačić and Kristina Đuković follows her not only in the jaws of the war spy network, but also of the patriarchal society in the Balkans, full of powerful, arrogant men. Vera is first and foremost a story about a woman in the male's world, and therefore it is relevant for the modern age.

    The main character is played by Jovana Stojiljković and the cast includes Petar Zekavica, Viktor Savić, Miona Marković, Milica Tomašević, Anita Mančić, Nikola Kojo, Vladimir Aleksić, Tihomir Stanić and Jack Dimich, among others.

    The film is produced by the GFC production house with Danka Milošević as the producer. The project was supported by Film Center Serbia in July 2020 with approximayely 229,000 EUR / 27 m RSD. The budget has not been revealed so far.

    The shooting started on 31 March 2022 and it is expected to wrap by 5 July 2022. The film is being shot on various location in Belgrade and its vicinity, as well as in Topola and the mountains of Avala and Kosmaj.

    Production Information:

    Vera by Nedljko Kovačić shooting, photo: GFCProducer:
    GFC (Serbia)
    Danka Milošević: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Nedeljko Kovačić
    Scriptwriters: Nedeljko Kovačić, Kristina Đuković
    DoP: Dušan Ivanović
    Cast: Jovana Stojiljković, Petar Zekavica, Viktor Savić, Miona Marković, Milica Tomašević, Anita Mančić, Nikola Kojo,Vladimir Aleksić, Tihomir Stanić, Jack Dimich