Mladen Kovačević’s Serbian/French Doc Another Spring Gets Sales Agent

    Another Spring by Mladen Kovačević Another Spring by Mladen Kovačević credit: Horopter

    BELGRADE: Mladen Kovačević’s long documentary Another Spring got snatched by the London-based sales company Taskovski Films Ltd. ahead of its world premiere in the newly-founded Proxima competition of the 56th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (1-9 July 2022). Another Spring is a Serbian/French coproduction.

    The eradication of smallpox represents one of modern medicine’s greatest triumphs, but in 1972 a little known chapter in the history of smallpox played out in Yugoslavia. This gripping archival documentary, aptly described by its creators as a medical thriller, reconstructs the dramatic events of those spring months, when Yugoslavia expended almost Another Spring by Mladen Kovačević, credit: Horopterinconceivable efforts in order to contain the rapidly spreading danger.

    Mladen Kovačević directed from his own script.

    Another Spring / Još jedno proleće was produced by Iva Plemić Divjak through Belgrade’s Horopter Film Production in coproduction with Serbia’s RTS – Radio-television of Serbia and Cinnamon Production, as well as France’s Bocalupo Films. Film Center Serbia and Doha Film Institute supported the production of the film.