PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Szabolcs Tolnai In Production with Cycling With Zoli the Turk

    Cycling With Zoli the Turk by Szabolcs Tolnai Cycling With Zoli the Turk by Szabolcs Tolnai credit: Atalanta

    BELGRADE: Serbian director Szabolcs Tolnai is currently in production with his new feature film Cycling With Zoli The Turk / Vožnja biciklom sa Zolijem Turčinom. This Serbian/Slovak coproduction has recently been supported by Eurimages. Prior to that, the project was supported by Film Center Serbia and the Slovak Film Institute.

    The plot is being kept under wraps, but at this point it can be revealed that the story takes place in the Serbian province of Vojvodina in a multi-ethnic setting. It is a story about love and faith, that is, faith in love that conquers time and space. The director has explained that the story has been derived from a literary blog, which is popular among young members of Vojvodina's Hungarian minority and which was originally launched in 2010.

    „The blog written by Arron Blum in the form of diary entries, with letters of the main protagonist Clara, hypnotically challenged the readers week after week towards the final realisation of her and Zoli's love“, Szabolcs Tolnai said in a statement.

    Tolnai is directing from the script he wrote together with Oláh Tamás and Kovács K.Ákos, who is also lensing. The cast is led by Emese Nagyabonyi, Boris Kucsov, Mess Attila and Mokos Attila.

    Tolnai is producing through the Palić-based Atalanta production company and Mátyás Prikler is coproducing through Slovakia’s Mphilms.

    The premiere is expected to take place in 2024.

    Production Information:

    Cycling With Zoli the Turk by Szabolcs Tolnai, credit: AtalantaProducer:
    Atalanta (Serbia)
    Szabolcs Tolnai: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Mphilms (Slovakia)

    Director: Szabolcs Tolnai
    Scriptwriters: Szabolcs Tolnai, Kovács K.Ákos, Oláh Tamás
    DoP: Kovács K.Ákos
    Cast: Emese Nagyabonyi, Boris Kucsov, Mess Attila, Mokos Attila