Firefly Productions Announces New Projects Including First Serbian Superhero Series


    BELGRADE: Belgrade-based Firefly Productions is currently in preproduction with the first Serbian high-end superhero drama series, Generation Tesla, whose production is set to commence in 2024.

    In the series, the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla creates an electric frequency which opens at the time of his death a portal to a new dimension, where his unfinished projects are hidden.

    Generation Tesla is adapting the cult 1990s comic book series, scripted by Milan Konjević. Milan Konjevic and Milan Todorović, both quite versed and experienced in genre-oriented filmmaking, will direct this eight-parter.

    In addition, Firefly is also prepping the second season of Black Wedding / Crna svadba, as well as an adaptation of Constantine’s Crossing / Konstantinovo raskršće, based on Dejan Stojiljković’s Serbian bestseller of the same title, which will present a supernatural World War II tale about the Nazis’ pursuit of powerful relics that once belonged to the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great

    The company is also in preparation with The V Effect, an eight-episode drama series inspired by the real-life case of an actor who commited suicide on stage during a live theatre production.

    Black Wedding, Constantine's Crossing and The V-Effect are all done i co-opearation with Telekom Srbija.

    Beside that, the construction of Firefly’s much awaited state-of-the-art studio complex in the vicinity of the Serbian capital is entering the final phase. The studio is expected to become operational by July 2023.

    Recently, in the Berlinale Series Market Selects, Firefly Productions presented its fresh drama series The Fall / Pad, directed by Bojan Vuletić and produced together with Telekom.