PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Pavle Vučković Starts Shooting Serbian/Macedonian/Montenegrin Coproduction Frost

    Frost by Pavle Vučković Frost by Pavle Vučković credit: Plan 9

    BELGRADE: Serbian director Pavle Vučković commenced the production of his third feature Frost / Mraz, a universal story based on a myth from Eastern Serbia. The film is a coproduction among Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, supported by Film Center Serbia, the North Macedonia Film Agency and the Film Centre of Montenegro.

    The film written by Pavle Vučković follows detective Mirjana, who goes to eastern Serbia to investigate a girl's disappearance. Over the course of time, her police investigation turns into a personal quest. The film explores through elements of detective film, thriller and fantasy, the culture, beliefs, Christian tradition and superstitions of the region.

    The cast is led by Macedonian actress Kamka Tocinovski and consists of Lara Dragović, Mirko Vlahović, Vesna Trivalić, Jovo Maksić, Jovan Belobrković and Zlatan Vidović.

    Stefan Mladenović is producing through Serbia’s Plan 9 together with Žeželj Gojković through Serbia’s Film District, in coproduction with Ivica Vidanović and Nevena Savić through Serbia’s Cinnamon Films, Miroslav Mogorović through Serbia’s Art&Popcorn, Tomi Salkovski through North Macedonia’s Black Cat Production and Maja Kecojević through Montenegro’s Parangal Film.

    The shooting started in the monastery of Pavlovac on the Kosmaj Mountain on 7 September 2023 and it is planned to wrap within 30 shooting days. Other locations are in the vicinity of Belgrade, as well as in Negotin and Lepenski Vir.

    Pavle Vučković’s debut feature Panama, produced by Plan 9, had its world premiere in the Special Screenings section of the Cannes Film Festival 2015. Prior to that, Vučković won two Cinéfondation awards in Cannes.

    Production Information:

    Plan 9 (Serbia)
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    Film District (Serbia)

    Cinnamon Films (Serbia)
    Art&Popcorn (Serbia)
    Black Cat Production (North Macedonia)
    Parangal Film (Montenegro)

    Director: Pavle Vučković
    Scriptwriter: Pavle Vučković
    DoP: Đorđe Arambašić
    Sound: Igor Popovski
    Production designer: Livija Mikić
    Costume designer: Magdalena Klašnja
    Makeup: Jasmina Mina Lilić
    Cast: Kamka Tocinovski, Lara Dragović , Mirko Vlahović, Vesna Trivalić, Jovo Maksić, Jovan Belobrković, Zlatan Vidović