GRANTS: Film Center Serbia Announces Results in Five Major Grants Categories


    BELGRADE: Film Center Serbia has allotted grants in 14 categories, including 2,902,646 EUR / 340 m RSD for the production of feature films, feature films for children and young audience, long animated films, long documentaries, and minority coproductions.

    Another 298,311 EUR / 34.9 m EUR went to: stimulation of Serbian film participation in foreign film festivals, stimulation of cinema admissions for Serbian films, stimulation of Serbian film distribution, stimulation of Serbian film cinema screenings, co-financing for Serbian fiction features distribution in the Republic of Serbia, co-financing for the development and improving of film screenplays, co-financing for the production of Serbian short documentaries, co-financing for the production of Serbian fiction short films, and co-financing for the development of the projects of Serbian long documentaries and feature-length fiction films.

    The total amount for grants announced on 28 November 2023 is 3,200,957 EUR / 374.9 m RSD.

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