BOX OFFICE: Outstanding Domestic Opening for Nemanja Ćeranić’s Biopic Sunday

    Sunday by Nemanja Ćeranić Sunday by Nemanja Ćeranić credit: Telekom Srbija

    BELGRADE: Serbia can boast about its yet another domestic blockbuster, as the biopic Sunday / Nedelja pulled 87,162 admissions during the course of its first cinema distribution weekend, grossing 419,482 EUR / 49,164,514 RSD.

    The film directed by Nemanja Ćeranić and codirected by Miloš Radunović was released by Art Vista in 65 prints on 18 January 2024.

    In comparison, in January 2023 Miloš Radunović’s feature film Storm / Oluja, produced by Omega Produkcija and Telekom Srbija, scored 26,671 admissions.

    Sunday by Nemanja Ćeranić, credit: Telekom SrbijaSunday follows the life of the popular singer Džej Ramadanovski from 1976 to 1992, that is, from his earliest youth up to his entering the musical world. The film title comes from one of the greatest hit songs of Džej Ramadanovski. Stefan Bošković penned the script.

    The key role is played by Husein Husa Alijević, first-time actor and earlier (during the 90’s and early 2000’s) the leader of Beat Street, a Serbian Eurodance band sensation. The rest of the cast consists of: Marko Janketić, Stefan Vukić, Aleksej Bjelogrlić, Alen Selimi, Ana Pindović, Maša Đorđević, Milica Janevski, Zlatan Vidović, Stojša Oljačić and Bajram Severdžan, among others.

    Sunday was produced by Telekom Srbija and Pelicula Production with support from Film Center Serbia.